2019 Minnesota Duck Opener

Its hard to believe but summer has come and gone and hunting season is already apon us. This year we are prepared more than ever to get out and try our luck in the field. Second habit will be unleashing a plethora of low profile boats this season, the most special of all though is one we hand built. It is a completely different take on low profile boat platforms. Instead of most being geared toward a 1 man laydown boat we wanted to be able to conceal multiple shooters. With that in mind we started with a john boat in mind but widened it, 6.5 ft wide in fact. Then we made the laydown bays wide enough for 2 men in each for a total of up to 4 shooters. We kept the boat real low so it will sit inches above the water. Added plenty of storage, a blind, and backrests. Needless to say this will be a special opener for us all. The cameras will be rolling and we plan to do a walk through of the new boat and hopefully get a new duck video out too. From second habit outdoors to everyone, may you have a safe opener and good luck in the field.

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